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We offer professional inflatable repair services

Waterslides & Dryslides for any occasion!

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20ft Tropical Waterslide

Over 20ft high, this tropical water slide is perfect for an island or beach style party. Your guests will have a great time on this awesome water slide. It large size makes a great centerpiece attraction. Includes large splash pool landing area.


waterslide footprint: 40lx12w


20 foot Multi-Color Slide

This waterslide will give you and your party butterflys before you take the plunge. Before you know it, you'll be climbing back to tree top levels to take this water slide on again!


waterslide footprint: 15x45


18' Aqua Slide

You don't need to be at the beach to ride the waves. Rent this waterslide for your birthday party and no one will care that the "surf is up." The party is in your Backyard!


waterslide footprint: 15x35

water slide rental

20' Wa-Hoo! Waterslide

This slide is so extreme

you will be screaming "Waa-Hoo!!" all the way to the splash at the end of this water slide!


waterslide footprint: 17x50


18 Foot Tropical Water Slide Wet/Dry

Stay cool in the Tropic Heat this summer in this 18 foot oasis of watery paradise.

slide footprint: 11W x 18H x 28L

water slide

22' Double Lane Giant Slide

This is our largest inflatable.
You won't believe your eyes!

(Dry Only, Not a Waterslide)

slide footprint: 20x40




20' Tsunami Waterslide       

You will be swept away with all the fun you will have on this MASSIVE waterslide!

waterslide footprint: 20x50

water slide rental



22' Giant slide

Our Giant Slide will make your next event   a hit. This thing is MASSIVE!

(Dry only, Not a Waterslide)


slide footprint: 20x40


water slide


water slide

16' Tropical Splash Down

Escape the heat at your Tropical Destination.  

water slide footprint: 13x35


18' Double Dip
water slide

It's not OK to double dip your chip.

It is OK to double dip this slide!

waterslide footprint 18'  - 14x30

water slide rental
water slide rental

20' Double Dip
water slide

Double your Waterslide Pleasure

Double your waterslide fun.
Call Backyard Carnival
waterslide experts Today.


waterslide footprint: 20' 17x44



16' & 18' Multi colored
water slide

This slide is always the hit of the party!

waterslide footprint: 16'    15x35

waterslide footprint: 18'     15x40



16' Aqua Slide
water slide

This is a very cute slide with  its underwater world theme.

waterslide footprint: 15x 35

water slide


This giant slip-n-slide will get them coming back for more all day!

waterslide footprint: 10x35

water slide rental jacksonville
jacksonville water slide rental

13' Happy Slide
water slide

Yet another waterslide for
the kids
to go crazy about!

waterslide footprint: 12x30

13' Covered Happy Slide
water slide


Our most popular waterslide!
It's wet, wild and won't bust your budget.


waterslide footprint: 12x30


water slide rental jacksonville

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